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Our original component design was the first of its kind and still represents the industry standard as the simplest, most rugged, user-friendly design available.


In 1981, Joe Hocher, founder and later owner of the Staniel Cay Yacht Club (www.stanielcay.com), needed fresh water on a tiny island in the Bahamas. His experiences with early reverse osmosis systems and their shortfalls inspired him to build the highest quality, easiest to install and maintain, systems available. Founded in 1984 by Joe, Watermakers, Inc. soon became one of the leading manufacturers of marine reverse osmosis desalination systems in the U.S. and the Bahamas.

As Joe was a pilot, the ability to access remote islands via small plane coupled with his detailed knowledge of the area allowed Watermakers, Inc. to successfully install and provide service throughout the Bahamas. Joe's son David has taken over where Joe left off at Watermakers, Inc. and Staniel Cay Yacht Club, expanding our coverage throughout the Bahamas (no other company has anywhere near our knowledge of the geography and waters of the Bahamas) and other worldwide markets. We now provide marine and land-based systems - creating fresh drinking water for boats, yachts, homes, hotels, marinas, other businesses (e.g. commercial shipping & fishing, oil rigs, construction), and islands worldwide.

The current line of standard machines ranges from 200 gallons per day (GPD) to 50,000 GPD. Our designs are derived from over 25 years of field experience and in fact, our original component design was the first of its kind and still represents the industry standard as the simplest, most rugged, user-friendly design available. Our team of field technicians and engineers is dedicated to constantly improving our products by incorporating the latest in technology, innovation and design. This leads to not only superior, cutting-edge products, but also ensures that our designs will remain the easiest to service and maintain.


Our uncompromising commitment to building the world’s most reliable system is reflected in our use of the absolute highest quality materials and components (e.g., high-pressure hoses, fittings, pumps and motors that exceed all requirements). We manufacture a product that you can depend on. Our desalination systems possess intuitive operation, rugged construction, reliable performance, and superior serviceability.


Our history of designing customized watermakers for the most demanding and unique applications has earned us the reputation as “the ones to call when you want it done right.” We do not make misleading and often worthless warranty statements about system components, we simply guarantee your satisfaction.

But we do not stop at high quality materials and components to make sure your watermaker is the best. In addition, our rigorous testing procedures ensure that every watermaker we build leaves our factory ready for optimal performance at its final destination. When it comes to your source of fresh water, quality counts. Watermakers, Inc. - Fresh Water, Any Time, Any Ocean.

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