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Our client relationships serve as the foundation of Watermakers, Inc.

Your company has the best customer service I have experienced. The WM has performed well. When we have a problem, I can always talk with someone knowledgeable. On one occasion I was told to order a part and call the next day when i had it and was on the boat. I got the part as promised and spoke with the same person and he stayed with me on the phone while we went through several tests and diagnosed and repaired the problem. i called another time and no one was available and later that day 2 different people called to ask if the problem had been dealt with. imagine a company that actually cares enough to have knowledgeable service people available to answer questions over the phone! there is, in my opinion, only one place to get a reliable Watermaker that is fully supported after the sale.”

- Mr. Paul Meltzer, OWNER, M/Y KODIAK

We use large quantities of fresh water onboard Cakewalk every day. It is reassuring to know that we can produce up to 3,000 liters of high quality water every hour if needed with our Watermakers, Inc. systems. We find these systems virtually maintenance free and very reliable to meet our high volume needs.”

- Mr. Scott Armstrong, Chief Engineer, M/Y CAKEWALK

Just wanted to let you and your company know how pleased we are with your desalination system in our new 65’ Hatteras Sportfish JOIA. Having been around the boating industry most of my life I have had the opportunity to work with other reverse osmosis units; this helped us in making Watermakers, Inc. our choice. As captain it has made my life easy from start up to finish flush. Its simple, quiet operation has successfully been making the JOIA all the water she needs from the Keys to Bermuda to Montauk. Thanks again for making a great product.”

- Mr. Frank Tuma, Captain, M/Y JOIA
- Vincent and Linda Basilice, Owners

Since Musha Cay relies totally on your watermaker for all our water, Watermakers, Inc.’s reputation for building the most rugged, reliable watermaker on the market played a large role in our decision to purchase your system.

We built Musha Cay to satisfy the most discriminating guests – in short, to be ‘The most luxurious private island resort in the world.’ I can see that your watermakers are fashioned and installed with the same standards in mind. You have a great product and you certainly deserve your stellar reputation.”

- Mr. Tom Lawson, General Manager, Musha Cay

My wife and I have recently returned from a circumnavigation. One of the most reliablepieces of equipment on our sailboat has been our 15-year old watermaker by Watermakers, Inc. After years of use in the Bahamas, Central America, and a sail across the Atlantic to Spain and back to Florida, we decided to do the “Big One”…a sail around the world. It is impossible to overstate the importance of a great functioning watermaker until you’re at sea for a long time. We want to thank you for the quality of watermaker you produce because it has functioned flawlessly through all of our adventures for all these years…You are indeed a super company and as always we continue to recommend you to anyone and everyone interested in a watermaker."

- Betty and Duke Marx, S/V DISTANT DRUM

I would like to express my thanks for the installation of your reverse osmosis plant in the Yacht Blackhawk. With other RO plants in the past, we have had nothing but problems. This caused many hardships, especially in the Bahamas where there is a serious shortage of potable water. However, after 1,000 hours of use, our Watermakers, Inc. watermaker has not failed to produce over 1,500 gallons of water per day. Many thanks for your excellent product and services.”

- Mr. William Wirtz, M/Y BLACKHAWK

I wanted to thank you for producing what is one of the most reliable systems on our boats today. When cruising in the Galapagos Islands, we depend solely on your watermakers to supply our crew and charter guests with beautiful, fresh water. It is a situation with zero tolerance for failure as there is no alternative source of fresh water, and your machines have never let us down. Your operator-friendly design makes regular maintenance simple and your technicians have been superb whenever we needed to call for advice. Keep up the good work.”

- Klein Tours, Galapagos Islands

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