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Available November 1 - 30

Keep your fresh water FRESH
and prevent a potential breakdown later!

Call today: (888) 34-FRESH or (954) 467-8920

Tune-up services include:
  • Clean membranes with RO-1*
  • Change high-pressure pump oil
  • Check and clean salinity probe
  • Check salinity display for missing segments
  • Calibrate salinity control monitor
  • Check entire system for leaks at operating pressure
  • Check and reset high-pressure cut-off switch
  • Check high-pressure pump output (flow rate)
  • Check for high-pressure pump leaks
  • Check prefilter(s)
  • Check charcoal filter(s)
  • Check operating spares inventory with boat personnel
Standard Parts/Labor Charges

Estimated Value TUNE-UP
Labor $215 $149
New Pump Oil $11 Included
RO-1 Cleaning Chemicals $20 Included

$246 $149

* If membranes have not been maintained properly, cleaning has the potential to cause an increase in the salinity of product water.
* Only for boats within Broward County. Mileage surcharge applies for longer travel distances.
* "Tune-Up" Special good for most watermaker brands up to and including 3000 GPD units. Not all checklist items can be performed on certain manufacturers' watermakers.
* Boat location may limit some checklist items.











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